Souwest Magnetic Separator

A magnetic separator is a device to separate various material compositions on the basis of their magnetic properties. Since 19th century magnetic separation processes have been used to concentrate and separate minerals. Ferro magnetism, paramagnetism and diamagnetism are the three important properties of the minerals. Ferro magnetic minerals are themselves magnets hence they stick to the magnets and can be easily removed later on. Paramagnetic and diamagnetic minerals interact with a magnetic field in a different way.

Paramagnetic minerals are weakly attracted into a magnetic field and diamagnetic minerals are weakly repelled by a magnetic field. Therefore if a mixture of paramagnetic and diamagnetic minerals is passed through a magnetic field, they will be pulled into the field (paramagnetic) or repelled from the field (diamagnetic) and may be separated. The electromagnetic separator separating the minerals consist of electromagnets or rare earth magnets of varying size and strength.

The low profile Souwest magnetic separator, which includes a secondary air wash separator, is designed to magnetically pull steel shot or grit from sand or other non-ferrous material using a magnetic rotating drum.

This magnetic separation process significantly increases the ability to remove sand from the steel shot or grit under extremely heavy sand load conditions. The addition of the magnetic separator to foundry blast equipment increases the life of the machine because sand is the primary cause of wear on foundry blast equipment. The magnetic separator reduces blast cycle times, increases the life of replacement parts and reduces equipment maintenance and abrasive consumption operating costs. Additionally, the magnetic separator reduces the air ventilation requirements for shot blasting equipment, and the horsepower savings reduces the total system requirements. The magnetic separator is easy to install on both Souwest and non-Souwest blast equipment.

The magnetic separator is part of the Souwest Plus program, which is the parts, equipment modernization and service division of the NingBo Souwest that helps customers improve the efficiency of their existing blast equipment operations. Focusing solely on the aftermarket, Souwest Plus works with all customers to provide effective solutions for difficult cleaning problems. Souwest Plus regionally based sales and service teams provide an extensive range of Equipment Modernization Programs (EMP) and support services including: on-site training, maintenance, repair and service programs. Souwest Plus offers a complete range of replacement parts for a variety of wheel blast and air blasting applications. For more information , call +86-574-86503104.

NingBo Souwest is a global provider of surface preparation and finishing solutions. Committed to offering the broadest array of technologies, products, services and technical know-how, NingBo Souwest works closely with customers to deliver the best solutions for their specific requirements. The company¡¯s strategically located and electronically linked offices allow NingBo Souwest to provide unrivalled customer service and support worldwide. For more information on Souwest visit the web site at or e-mail

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