Souwest Magnetech Application of Food And Food Processing

Souwest Magnetech Application of Food And Food Processing

Food industry is a cross-sectorial, multi-disciplinary and comprehensive industry that is an extension of the agricultural sector, known as the post-agricultural industry. Its development status, structure and level from side reflect the level of economic development, and the improvement of people's living standards and national physical quality has a close link.

Food industry is the life industry of human beings and is one of the oldest and eternal evergreen industries. With global economic development and the progress of science and technology, the world food industry has made great development. Despite the emergence of new industries, the food industry is still the first industry in the world manufacturing industry. The modernization level of the food industry has become an important symbol reflecting the quality of life of the people and the degree of national development.

Metal pieces in food products pose a safety risk to consumers and can damage processing equipment. Detection and removal of metal contaminants are becoming common practices in the food processing industry. 

Metal contamination may come from a variety of sources including: 

● Incoming ingredients and raw materials 

● Processing equipment (grinders, crushers, etc.) general abrasion or vibration causing the loss of nuts and bolts 

● Inadequate personnel practices and environmental causes

One approach to reduce or eliminate metallic contamination is the use of magnetic separators, such as magnetic filter bars, magnetic traps, hopper magnets, magnetic drawers, etc.

SOUWEST MAGNETECH offers hopper magnets, magnetic drawers and specially designed magnetic traps with insulation style to solve your practical problems in food processing.

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