Souwest Magnetech Application of Motor And Generator

Souwest Magnetech Application of Motor And Generator

In the 1960s and 1980s, rare earth SmCo permanent magnets and NdFeB permanent magnets were introduced one after another, and their excellent magnetic properties of high remnant magnetic density, high coactivity, high magnetic energy product and linear demagnetization curve are especially suitable for manufacturing electric motors.

Compared with traditional electrically excited motors, permanent magnet motors, especially rare earth permanent magnet motors, have the advantages of simple structure, reliable operation, small size, light mass, low loss, high efficiency, and flexible shape and size of motors. Therefore, the application range is extremely wide, throughout aerospace, national defense, industrial and agricultural production and daily life and other fields.

Applications of permanent magnet motors

1. Energy-saving rare-earth permanent magnet motors are mainly for consumption: such as rare-earth permanent magnet synchronous motors for textile and chemical fiber industries.

2. Rare earth permanent magnet motors are used in various vehicles (cars, motorcycles, trains, etc.); the choice of permanent magnet materials is different due to the different requirements of various automotive motors.

3. Motor magnets are used in air conditioners, fans, and electric windows; from the price point of view, the advantages of ferrite will continue in the future.

4. Ignition coils, drives, and sensors still use SmCo sintered magnets.

5. Rare earth permanent magnet motors are still an important development direction for the new generation of aero engines.

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