• Magnetic Terms
    • Energy product (WxH)max

    The maximum energy product of the flux density B and field strength H is the most important quality of a magnetic material. The energy of the product becomes higher, the magnetic energy becomes greater. The (WxH)max value of a magnetic material, the lower the magnetic volume required for a certain task with otherwise identical ratios.

    • Covercivity Hc

    Coercivity is the field force necessary to eliminate magnetization. The higher the value is, the more resistant the magnetization has. A distinction is made between HcB and HcJ.

    • Operating Temperature

    The operating temperature is the highest temperature to which a magnet can be exposed without suffering a permanent loss of its magnetic power. It is an approximate value because there is dependence on the dimensioning. There are factors, e.g. mechanical or chemical stress, which may further limit the maximum operating temperature.

    • Curie temperature

    If the curie temperature is reached, the magnetic material loses its magnetism.

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