The core of pot magnets wholesale is made of permanent magnets and is sunk into a steel pot to strengthen the magnet's adhesion.

Pot Magnets Wholesale List

Pot Magnets Wholesale Advantages

  • Cost saving

    Because of the super strong magnetic force, you only need to use fewer rare earth magnets, which reduces the material cost.

  • Greater magnetic force and smaller size

    The steel shell concentrates the magnetic force on the same side, which greatly increases the magnetic force of pot magnets for sale.

  • Durability

    Steel shell or rubber shell can protect the fragile NdFeB magnets.

  • Use combination

    Pot magnets can be combined with many accessories.

Pot Magnets for Sale FAQs

  • How many types of Pot Magnets?

    As a professional pot magnets supplier, Souwest Magnetech offers Pot magnets wholesale with 73 series, total of 470 standard items almost covering all your needs, such as Countersunk Pot Magnet, Shallow Pot Magnet, Rectangular Pot Magnet, Threaded Neodymium Magnets Deep Pot Magnets, Rubber Coated Pot Magnet…….

  • What are the pot magnet uses?

    Pot magnets are a popular magnetic assembly used in residential and industrial applications such as hanging and wall mounting applications: Retrieving lost items, hanging items, mounting items and recreation and entertainment.

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To Know More About Souwest Magnetech Magnets, Please Contact Us!
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