What About the Magnetic Materials Shipping By Air?

For air shipment purposes, magnets are considered ''dangerous goods'' and the International Air Transport Association's (IATA) Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR) must be followed.

Packages containing magnetic materials must be clearly identified according to packing instructions 902. This calls for a ''magnetized material'' label to be affixed, and for a shipper's declaration of dangerous goods to be provided to the carrier.

What About the Magnetic Materials Shipping By Sea?

The packaging generally does not need to shield the magnetic field when the goods contain magnetic materials by sea, which use the conventional sea freight packing or export neutral packaging. However, because of the large volume, so the outermost layer needs to use wooden boxes and pallets. 

How About Custom Magnets and Assemblies?

Souwest magnetech specializes in custom magnet, magnetic assemblies and customized magnetic solutions production with the quick and accurate turnaround. We can drive cost improvements through design.

How About the Payment?

After we have provided a perfect solution, the customer confirmed the order. Congratulating you made the best choice! The next step is payment. For general customers, our payment requirement is 30% in advance after the order is placed and final payment before shipment. 

How About the Health & Safety?

Souwest Magnetech takes no responsibility for any personal injury that occurred while using our magnets. Our magnets are supplied with detailed warning sheets explaining the dangers of large or small magnets. It is your responsibility to ensure that magnets are kept away from children and that a full risk assessment is carried out before using large, high-power magnets.

To find perfect magnetic solutions -- The focus of our work is the application, development and production of high quality magnetic products and magnetic systems.
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