Souwest Magnetech Application of Sensor

Souwest Magnetech Application of Sensor

Magnetic sensors belong to a large category of magnetic applications in the electronics industry, which is also a large industry for the application of our Souwest Magnetech products.

Magnetic materials change their magnetic properties after sensing external heat, light, pressure, radiation, etc. This material can be used to make a variety of sensors with good reliability and high sensitivity, which are called magnetic sensors because they use magnetic materials as their sensitive components. In today's society, magnetic sensors have become an indispensable cornerstone component in the information technology and information industry. At present, people have developed a variety of physical, chemical and biological effects of magnetic sensors, and they are widely used in various aspects of scientific research, production and social life.

Types of common sensors:

●Hall components: They have the advantages of sensitivity to the magnetic field, simple structure, small size, wide frequency response, large output voltage variation and long service life; it is widely used in the fields of measurement, automation, computer and information technology, etc.

●AMR: They are used as speed sensors, proximity switches, and disconnect switches, as they excel in sensing weak magnetic fields in the geomagnetic field range.

●GMR: They have an extremely sensitive magnetic head, which can clearly read weak magnetic signals and convert them into clear current changes, and led to the ''large capacity, small size'' revolution in hard disks. Also, giant magneto resistors are used in MRAM, angle or position sensors, current sensors, bio-detection, and military applications.

●TMR: Combining the high sensitivity of AMR and the wide dynamic range of GMR, TMR magnetic sensors thus have unparalleled technical advantages among various magnetic sensor technologies. Therefore, TMR sensors can be widely used in industrial control, financial apparatus, biomedical, consumer electronics, automotive field, etc.

Souwest Magnetech offers a wide range of custom magnets for the sensors: neodymium magnets, ferrite magnets, SmCo magnets and AlNiCo magnets.

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