Hopper magnet is one of the applications for magnetic grates (or grate magnets) on the hopper. The hopper magnet is a strong magnetic bar fixed by stainless steel slats to form a suitable shape, usually round or square, and the size and shape can be made according to the requirements of use. It is generally used to filter and sort small ferromagnetic metal impurities from the material. As one of the premier hopper magnets suppliers, Souwest Magnetech specializes in providing and customizing magnets for hopper according to customers' needs, If you want to know more about hopper magnet prices, contact Souwest Magnetech hopper magnets suppliers!

Souwest Magnetech Hopper Magnets for Sale

Construction of  Souwest Magnetech Hopper Magnets

Construction of Hopper Magnets Hopper magnets from Souwest Magnetech consists of a stainless-steel housing that contains magnetic tubes. This housing is custom-designed to seamlessly integrate into existing production lines, ensuring a smooth and efficient operation.

Inside the housing, high-grade rare earth magnets, such as neodymium or samarium cobalt, are arranged in a grid pattern. These magnetic tubes are mounted on a hinged door or removable frame, allowing for easy cleaning and maintenance. This design ensures the longevity of the magnet for the hopper and optimizes its performance.

Customization of Hopper Magnets The size and number of magnetic tubes used in a hopper magnet can be tailored to suit specific needs. This customization depends on the application and flow rate of the material being processed. Furthermore, the magnetic strength of the rare earth magnets used in hopper magnets can also be adjusted to meet specific requirements.

As a trusted hopper magnets supplier, Souwest Magnetech is committed to providing top-quality, custom-made hopper magnets. With their expertise and dedication to quality, you can trust Souwest Magnetech to deliver a magnet for a hopper that perfectly suits your needs.

Working Principle of Souwest Magnetech Hopper Magnets

Working Principle of Hopper Magnets The working principle of hopper magnets is straightforward. As the material flows through the hopper magnet, the magnetic tubes inside generate a magnetic field. This magnetic field attracts and holds onto the ferrous impurities, such as iron and steel, present in the material.

The magnetic tubes are strategically arranged in a grid pattern. This arrangement ensures that the entire flow of material is thoroughly exposed to the magnetic field, leaving no room for ferrous impurities to pass through unnoticed. As a result, the material that flows out from the other side of the hopper magnet is purified and free from ferrous contaminants.

The hopper magnets from Souwest Magnetech hopper magnets supplier work on a simple principle but deliver significant results. By effectively removing ferrous impurities from materials, these magnets for hoppers contribute to the efficiency and quality of various industrial processes. Trust Souwest Magnetech for reliable and effective hopper magnets.

Difference Between Hopper Magnets and Grate Magnets

Hopper magnets and Grate magnets are both magnetic devices used in industrial applications for the separation of metallic impurities. They play a crucial role in various processing lines, such as in food processing, chemical, and plastic recycling industries. Although their purpose is the same—to remove metallic contaminants from materials—their design and application scenarios differ.


About Souwest Magnetech Hopper Magnet

Hopper Magnets are made of magnetic rods in different shapes and sizes according to different usage requirements, fixed and shaped by stainless steel plates. When the material flows through a hopper magnet, the iron impurities in the material will be firmly adsorbed on the bar. Magnets for hoppers can purify the material and protect the safe operation of the downstream equipment. The grates magnetic can be used to filter fine iron impurities trapped in powder, granules, liquid, and gas materials.

Souwest Magnetech Popular Hopper Magnets:

Hopper Magnets SWRD   Hopper Magnets SD1

Hopper Magnets SD2       Hopper Magnets SS1

Hopper Magnets RS1       Hopper Magnets TSS 

Hopper Magnets TRS       Hopper Magnets SRM

About Souwest Magnetech Hopper Magnet

Souwest Magnetech Hopper Magnet Features

  • Magnetic Source

    Mainly using rare earth NdFeB as the magnetic source, with strong magnetic force, simple structure and long service life.

  • Material

    The material of the frame and pipe is 304 or 316L stainless steel, which is corrosion resistant and pollution free.

  • Surface

    The surface of the hopper magnet can be polished to meet the requirements of food or pharmaceutical use level.

  • Environmental friendly

    No energy consumption, no pollution, these permanent magnet products can be installed in any position on the production line where it can contact with the material, saving space and being easy to install.

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To Know More About Souwest Magnetech Magnets, Please Contact Us!
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