Rare Earth Permanent Magnetic Sepators

INTRODUCTION of Rare Earth Permanent Magnetic Sepators:

ELEKTROMAG Super Power Rare Earth Magnetic Products are designed to remove weakly magnetic or very fine iron contamination from a wide variety of dry bulk or liquid products. These magnetic separators are assembled using specially imported Rare Earth Magnets which have up to five times more magnetic strength than conventional Ceramic or Alnico magnets. As a result, these magnets can hold weakly magnetic or fine iron contamination so tightly that the ''Wipe-Off'' by-product flow is virtually eliminated.


Rare Earth Magnetic Separators enable users to bridge the gap between conventional low-cost, low-intensity permanent magnets and high-cost, high intensity electromagnets.
ELEKTROMAG Permanent Rare Earth Magnetic Products are being used to purify products such as food, chemicals, minerals such as silica, quartz, refractories, etc.

Rare Earth Tubes :

Rare Earth Magnetic Tubes can be used to remove iron contamination from liquids in tanks or as a random quality control check of dry bulk material. The magnetic tubes are available with solid, studded or threaded tube ends. These magnetic tubes form the basic building block for Rare Earth Grid Magnets and Ferrous Traps.
Available in standard size of 100 mm to 2500 mm length.

Rare Earth Grids :

Rare Earth Magnetics Grids are used for permanent protection against fine or weakly iron. They are designed for simple installation in hoopers, floor openings, vertical closed chutes, ducts, etc.

Grids are available in single, double or multiple bank configuration depending on customer requirement. They can be supplied either in square, rectangular or circular construction to suit customer installation. They can also be supplied in specially designed housing with separately mounted vibrator for ensuring free movement of sticky material if required.

Rare Earth Pipeline Ferrous Traps :

Rare Earth Pipeline Ferrous Traps can be installed in pipelines, handling pulp, slurries, inks, liquid food etc. They have magnetic element, consisting of a group of magnetic tubes which causes the material flow entering the body to impinge against the tubes and filter through the magnetic field, which completely covers the open area. This magnetic combing action combined with the Rare Earth Magnetic power provides optimum removal of fine ferrous contamination. The pressure drop through the unit is no more than that of a 90 degrees elbow. Rare Earth Ferrous Traps are available in a wide range for pipelines ranging from 50 mm dia to 600 mm dia.

Rare Earth Plates, Chutes & Humps :

Rare Earth Plate Magnets are widely used to remove weakly magnetic and fine iron contamination. They are designed for easy installation in feed chutes and also for suspension over product flow.

Rare Earth Plate Magnets can be used to purify food, chemical and pharmaceutical products like powders, grains and resins, minerals such as talc, silica and slurried products like ceramic slips and glazes. For more information please call for our Plate Magnet catalog.
Rare Earth Hump Magnets can also be supplied for installation in ducts.


RARE EARTH DRUM SEPARATORS are useful in every processing industry and are widely used for the separation of weakly magnetic or fine iron contamination from minerals, chemicals, food, flour, plastics, grains, sand, cement, fertilizers, abrasives, glass, slag, ores and many other gravity or conveyor transported products. The Drum consists of a stationary permanent magnet assembly around which the drum shell revolves. The magnetic field is effective over approximately half the drum circumferences.


RARE EARTH ROLLS are used as head pulleys to purity or concentrate dry materials conveyed on thin, abrasion-resistant belts. They are available as independent units or assembled into conveyor/separator machines as required.
The Rolls are available as standard 76 mm dia. or 102 mm dia. and in widths up to 1000 mm.

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