Magnetic Filter Rod

Composition of the magnetic filter bar:

Magnetic filter rods (magnetic rods) are made of high-quality stainless steel tubes and high B-value rare earth alloy NdFeB and are produced by special production methods. The magnetic rods can be combined on a fixed frame to form a magnetic filter, which is mainly used to remove ferromagnetic impurities from powders, granules and liquids or slurries. When ferrous substances pass through, they are attracted by the magnetic rods, which firmly adsorb the ferrous substances on the walls of the tubes of the rods to ensure the integrity of the equipment and the safety of the products.

Application areas of the magnetic filter bar:

The magnetic bar is energy-free, pollution-free and can be installed at any position on the production line where it can be in contact with the material, saving space and easy to install. The magnetic bar uses the rare earth alloy NdFeB as the magnetic source, with strong magnetic force, simple structure and long service life, and is widely used in ceramic, electric power, mining, plastic, chemical, rubber, pharmaceutical, food, environmental protection, pigment, dye, electronics, metallurgy and other industries.

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