Hump Magnet Separators

Hump Magnet Separators

Hump magnet separators are used to remove ferrous contaminants iron nuts, bolts, wire, banding etc. from the conveyed material. With the hinged doors, cleaning the magnetic surface is quick and easy. The unit can be mounted directly in the air stream with the square to round transitions which can be provided.

Hump magnetic separators consists of two plate magnets which are hinged and gasketed to the rugged steel housing. These plate magnets can be unlatched and swing open for quick manual cleaning.

Based on the configuration magnetic hump separators are of following types:

  • Self-Cleaning Hump Magnets
    Pneumatic control self-cleaning hump magnets provide safe and easy operations. Self cleaning hump magnets are easy to operate magnetic separator which removes various contaminations. The cleaning of the separator can be accomplished within few minutes. It consists of magnets and pneumatic discharge gate which allows release of the tramp iron collected through a special discharge chute. The magnets and the gate resume the work of processing as soon as the cleaning operation is completed.

  • Half Hump Magnets
    The half hump magnets are used where hump magnets will not fit because of height restrictions. Like its larger version, the half-hump housing directs the material flow over the single high-strength permanent magnet and breaks up aggregated material to dislodge and capture embedded metal contaminants.

  • Hump Magnets for High Volume Product Flow
    Hump magnets are also designed for high volume product flow for using it in enclosed flow lines or on processing equipment. The magnets normally used for hump magnetic separator are either ceramic magnets or rare earth magnets. The units are normally made up of stainless steel which handle moderate positive and negative pressures. The angled shape directs the product flow into the magnetic field, helps prevent build-up and bridging, and also breaks up clumps of product for increased protection against entrapped ferrous debris.

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