Plate Magnets

Plate magnets are important industrial separators that are meant for the separation of fine ferrous materials and large pieces of tramp iron, from many types of free-flowing and pneumatically conveyed material like corn, sugar, flour, gravel, plastic and others granular materials.

The plate magnets also go very well with powdery, moist, lumpy, and abrasive products and large debris that might choke, bridge, or cause rapid wear in cartridge-based separators. Plate magnets are flexible enough to be deployed above conveyors or below conveyor drive pulleys to capture contaminants.

Types of Plate Magnets

  • Flush Face
    Flush face plate magnets give the best results when they are used in above-the-flow chute or belt applications. The downstream magnetic instrument is protected by the tramps and other impurities when flush faces are installed over the material flow.

  • Exposed Pole
    In low-volume applications, the exposed pole plate magnets perform excellently. It features two exposed pole plates to capture and hold contaminants.

  • Spout Magnets
    Spout magnets are applicable in high-volume chute applications where they provide maximum ferrous tramp metal separation. Spout magnets employ both the primary and the secondary diverter to prevent tramp metal.

  • Suspended Plate Magnets
    Suspended plate magnets are also very essential for high-volume applications. They are designed for high separation performance in over-the-belt conveyor applications. The suspended plate magnets are available in different standard shapes and sizes. suspended magnets can be rigidly mounted with threaded bolts or hung by eye bolts using cable or chain systems.

  • Flat Face Plate Magnets
    Flat face plate magnets are applied under the following circumstances- for low-density product flows, inverted installations, and applications that must be kept sanitary.

  • Tapered Step Face Plate Magnets
    Tapered step face separator is designed to hold ferrous debris against its solid tapered step to prevent the wash-off of tramp iron and fines even in high-density applications and when product flow is rapid.

Plate magnets possess the following features:

  • Plate magnets can be mounted both above or below the product flow.

  • Magnets like ceramic or rare earth magnets are normally used in plates. magnetic separators as they capture the maximum common ferrous debris.

  • Durable stainless steel construction.

  • For easy cleaning hinged plates can be swung out.

  • The plate magnets can be cleaned both manually and automatically.

  • Plate magnets can be installed in chutes or suspended above conveyor belts and pulleys.

The plate magnets find their applications in the following industries:

  • Food processing

  • Chemical industries

  • Plastic Industries

  • Manufacturing industries

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