How To Change Alnico Magnets In Fender Squier Pickups

Guitars manufactured by Fender under the Squier brand feature low-cost versions of the venerable Fender Telecaster and Stratocaster models. Some of the cost cutting-measures have had a noticeable effect on the instrument's sound, including the use of cheaper pickups that lack the tonal output of the higher-end counterparts. One method of improving the output of these pickups is to remove the stock alnico magnets and replace them with higher-output magnets purchased from a guitar parts supply retailer.

Instructions--Things You'll Need:

  • Vise

  • Hammer

  • Nail set

  • Pliers

  • Alnico 5 pickup magnets

  • Two strong magnets, 1 north polarity, 1 south polarity

  • Double-sided masking tape

    Steps of Change Alnico Magnets In Fender Squier Pickups

  • Remove the pickguard and pickups by desoldering the connections.
  • Place the pickup in the vise with pole pieces, and magnets, facing down. Use a wooden or rubber pad to prevent marring the pickup casing If the vise has metal jaws. Tighten the vise just enough to firmly hold the pickup.
  • Place the nail set over the end of one of the magnets and tap it gently with the hammer until it begins to come out on the top side.
  • Repeat the process until all of the magnets are above the surface on the top side of the pickup.
  • Pull the magnets from the pickup with the pliers. Do not grip the metal too tightly, which can damage the magnets.
  • Remove the pickup from the vise, turn it over so it is face up and carefully retighten the vise.
  • Place the magnets in the holes and gently tap them down so they are flush with the top of the pickup.
  • Remove the pickup from the vise and affix the magnets to the inside of the jaws using double-sided tape.
  • Open the jaws of the vise just wide enough for the pickup to pass through.
  • Pass the pickup through the vise slowly to charge the magnets with the top of the pickup facing the south pole magnet and the bottom of the pickup facing the north pole magnet.
  • Test the magnetism of the magnets by passing a stainless steel screwdriver or nail over the magnets to see if they will stick. If it does not, pass the pickup through the magnetic field once more.
  • Reinstall the pickup in the pickguard. Reattach the pickguard onto the guitar.

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