What is a NdFeB Disc Magnet?

The ingredients of a magnet are atoms such as iron, cobalt, and nickel that have a unique internal structure with an inherent magnetic moment. Magnets can generate a magnetic field and have the ability to attract ferromagnetic materials such as iron, nickel, and cobalt.

Understanding the NdFeB disc magnet

The NdFeB disc magnet is the preferred magnetic product for industrial and civilian use due to its multifunctionality and economic cost. Disc magnets are the most frequently used type of powerful magnet in main markets and industries due to their small size, high magnetic strength, large magnetic pole area, and smooth surface. They are an important component of modern society and are widely used in electric motors, speakers, and various types of sensors. We can provide disc magnets of various thicknesses and sizes with different coatings such as zinc, nickel, silver, gold, and epoxy resin.

Basic knowledge of the NdFeB disc magnet

Characteristics of the NdFeB disc magnet

Disc-shaped magnet with a diameter greater than its thickness. It has high magnetic strength, small size, smooth surface, and large magnetic pole area, making it the preferred solution for industrial and civilian applications.

Size identification of the NdFeB disc magnet

If you are looking for a circular magnet, you need to provide information about the two dimensions of diameter and thickness. For example: if you are looking for a 15mm diameter and 3mm thick circular magnet, you can send: Size: D15*3MM. We will calculate the price based on the size you provide.

Available grades of the NdFeB disc magnet

NdFeB disc magnets range in grade from N25 to N52. They also have high-temperature resistance, which can be customized according to the needs of the product.

Magnetization direction of the NdFeB disc magnet

The most commonly used magnetization directions for circular magnets are axial and radial magnetization.

Extended applications of the NdFeB disc magnet:

3M magnets: powerful adhesive on the back of the circular magnet allows it to be attached to a variety of surfaces, especially cardboard and paper. You can choose between 3M self-adhesive magnets with adhesive film and extremely durable adhesive foam.

Cylinder magnets: NdFeB disc magnets with a length greater than their diameter. Even small NdFeB disc magnets have a very high adhesive force, but they can be easily separated.

Countersunk circular magnets: countersunk holes can be fixed with countersunk screws. It is suitable for hanging signs, tools, etc. It is especially suitable for cabinet manufacturing, kitchen installation, booth and shop construction, signage, etc.

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