Types and Applications of Pot Magnets

As we all know, the pot magnet is a magnetic component that embeds a powerful sintered neodymium iron boron magnet into a durable steel housing or slot. It is sometimes called a pot, hence the name "pot" magnet. It is also known as a cup magnet or mounting magnet, fixing magnet. Permanent magnets are very brittle and easily break, while their magnetic force is limited. Strong pot magnet can solve these problems well. The steel shell provides a secure place for the embedded strong circular/rectangular permanent magnet, while the shell or pot provides magnetic shielding, concentrating the magnetic forces only on one surface and enhancing them. Most pot magnets can be heated to temperatures of up to 80°C without losing magnetization.

What types of pot magnets are there?

Due to their excellent performance, pot magnets have a wide range of applications in industry and our daily lives. What types of pot magnets are there? They are installation magnets with countersunk holes, sunk holes, threaded holes, through holes, hooks, internal thread, thread studs/rods or threaded inserts for easy installation. The classification of pot magnets includes circular countersunk pot magnet, circular straight pot magnet, circular external threaded pot magnet, circular internal threaded pot magnet, circular flat threaded pot magnet, square sunk hole pot magnet, magnetic hook, closed hook, rotary hook, and salvage magnet.

What are the advantages of pot magnets?

Compared with a single neodymium iron boron countersunk magnet, pot magnets have more advantages:

Small size, stronger magnetic force: The steel shell concentrates the magnetic force on one side and greatly increases the holding force.

Cost saving: With ultra-strong magnetic force, the use of rare earth magnets can be reduced, reducing the cost of magnets.

Durability: Neodymium magnets are very brittle, but steel or rubber coatings can protect them.

Installation options: Pot magnets can be used with many accessories, so they can be used with different installation options.

What are the applications of pot magnets?

It is a popular magnetic component used for household and industrial applications and can be used for hanging and wall-mounted applications. Cup magnets are widely used in homes or industries, such as being clamped in automated equipment, door closers, tool clamps, fixtures, providing magnetic base mounting for lights, lamps, clocks, machine mirrors, and so on. In recent years, the most popular salvage magnet is actually a circular countersunk pot magnet with a lifting eye.

Which one to choose, strong magnet or pot magnet? If you only need one side of the magnet to attract things and the other side to fix things, you can choose a pot magnet because the single strong magnet is expensive. Under the premise of not considering external factors, of the same pulling force, pot magnets are preferred over single strong magnets because the iron shell inside concentrates the magnetism on one side, maximizing the pulling force of the entire pot magnet and being much cheaper than a single strong magnet.

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