Understanding and Scope of Application of NdFeB Ring Magnets

NdFeB magnet is currently the magnet with the highest commercial performance discovered, known as the "magnet king", with extremely high magnetic properties, and its maximum magnetic energy product is more than 10 times higher than that of ferrite. Its mechanical processing performance is also quite good. The maximum operating temperature can reach 200 degrees Celsius. Moreover, it has a hard texture, stable performance, and a good cost performance ratio, so its application is extremely extensive.

Basic Knowledge of NdFeB Ring Magnet

NdFeB ring magnets, as a kind of strong magnetic magnet, have been widely used in the motor industry. Moreover, it is also a permanent magnet material with strong magnetism, but it will demagnetize at high temperatures. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the application properties and some basic knowledge of this kind of magnet to avoid problems in use.

The main component of a magnet is ferric oxide. NdFeB ring magnet is no exception. However, due to the properties of iron oxide, its attraction to iron objects is not very strong, and its magnetism gradually weakens over time. In this case, how to manufacture a magnet with strong adhesion and not easy to weaken its magnetism? On the premise of this, a NdFeB ring magnet was born. After anti-corrosion treatment, the surface of the magnet is bright NdFeB ring magnet, whose chemical formula is Nd2Fe14B, is sintered at high temperature by neodymium, iron, and boron. If the core element of traditional iron oxide is iron, then it has such strong magnetism because of the effect of neodymium.

Detailed Application Scope of NdFeB Ring Magnet

Among many ferrite products, NdFeB ring magnet is one of the better products, and its outstanding feature is its strong heat resistance, which can be used normally in the range of 300-400 degrees Celsius. Compared with other ferrite materials, its heat resistance is better, and the magnetic properties of NdFeB ring magnet are also very good, making its application range relatively extensive.

Let's take a look at the frequently used fields of NdFeB ring magnet. First of all, it is the manufacturing field of electronic appliances. This kind of product is used in the manufacture of many electronic products. Secondly, it is the field of electroacoustics. The use of NdFeB ring magnet in the manufacturing of sound equipment cannot be ignored. Various types of speakers, microphones, buzzers, and various audio equipment use NdFeB ring magnet.

In addition to these fields,  NdFeB ring magnet is also used in many mechanical equipment manufacturing, motor manufacturing, and so on, because its performance is better, and its machinability is also better during manufacturing.

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