Prong Magnets

Vibratory Screen

Make use of our vibratory Screen, specially designed to suit hazardous locations. For scalping, dusting, sizing and separating all types of bulk materials, vibratory screens are ideal. Our vibratory screens have found wide applicability in fields like the pharmaceutical industry, paint industry pigment, Ceramic industry clay slips, colors solvents food industry, potato chips cocoa, coffee beans, cooking effluents, cake, crumbs, flour, chocolates, dry fruit, powders, tea, edible oils milk, wheat, starch, canning & food packing industry, etc. We produce two types of vibratory screens: Electro Magnetic type and Motorized type.

Circular Vibratory Screen

Sonal Magnetics is a well-known manufacturer and supplier of Circular vibratory screens. Also known as circularly vibratory screens, our product is used in various industries for separating two materials of different natures. The tool is capable of removing materials of different shapes and sizes and they pass through a series of sieves or screens and which makes separation easy.
Make use of our multilayer and highly efficient circular vibratory screen sifting, scalping, classifying, de-dusting and dewatering applications in various industries like chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food industries, smelting, minerals, etc. These circular vibratory screens are easy to install and operate and can be maintained without extra effort. Their operation is safe and the efficiency of screening is very high.

Prong Magnets For Pipe Line System

Sonal Magnetics offers Prong Magnets or Prong Magnetic separators for heavy-duty large-volume liquid and semi-liquid line flow systems. We offer prong magnets for liquid/slurry materials and T-trap magnetic separators. In stainless steel permanent magnetic tubes, the T-Trap employs a slip-in cage. In magnet tubes, the captured tramp metal particles migrate to the rear of the tubes where they remain protected from wash-off until the tubes are cleaned. The magnet cage has positioning lungs that meet with locating recesses in the body of the T-Trap preventing rotation as fluid flows through the trap. Having a top access bolt-on steel plate and seal, the T-Trap is easy to clean. With the top, the magnet cage is simply lifted out, wiped clean and reinstalled. We offer prong magnets in 7 standard line sizes from 1 to 18 inches in diameter.

Magnetic Floor Sweeper

Sonal Magnetics is engaged in the manufacturing of Magnetic sweepers. Using the best quality magnets, we manufacture magnetic sweepers which are ideal engineering products that are normally used on foundries, parking lots, driveways, construction sites, loading docks, truck terminals, landfill roads, airports, stadiums, shipyards, and race tracts. They also clear the roads from tramp iron and sharp nails thereby protecting the tires from scratches and punctures.
Our magnetic sweepers can drastically reduce tire repair and replacement costs, and eliminate costly downtime by keeping vehicles in service. The magnetic sweepers are moved over areas that need cleaning, automatically picking up loose pieces of ferrous material and holding them until the load is ready to be discharged. The magnetic sweepers are cost-effective and easy to operate.

Tube Magnets For Pipeline System

Make use of our Tube Magnets for Dry & Free-flowing material. Our pipe magnets are suitable for separating free-flowing materials from ferrous contaminants. They are designed in such a way that they can also protect processing equipment and product purity by capturing ferrous contaminates in vertical flow systems. Our pipe magnets provide product protection for many industries including flour, feed and grain food processing, powder and bulk, chemical resin, and plastic processing, etc. You can insert this powerful permanent magnet in all steel and stainless steel housing. The magnet is mounted to wing out the door for easy access and simplified cleaning. Pipe magnets are designed for tramp removal in a free flow, dry product system.

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