The Modern And Advanced Magnetic Products

Magnet is a wonderful stuff. It is well-known as an object which produces a magnetic field. Magnets have found their application in a multitude of products like in magnetic recording tapes, ATM cards, TV and computer monitors, amplifiers and microphones, transformers, electric motors and fans, compasses, toys, etc. Nowadays magnetic separators are used in big industries and magnets are even used for running train. Maglev is a world famous train that is made in Japan. This train gets momentum through powerful magnets, and it runs at an amazing speed of about 550 km/hour. Anyway, this is not our topic of discussion. Today, we are going to tell you about the advanced magnetic products which have proved their worth in several industries. Some of the common types of such products are as given under:

1) Magnetic Sweeper: It is a kind of industrial equipment which functions on the principle of magnetism. This device is meant for clearing the floor in various industries. It collects the ferrous materials like tacks, nuts, nails, bolts, and so from the floor by using its powerful magnet, which is housed inside a stainless steel structure. This equipment is fitted with two sturdy and puncture proof tyres which facilitate easy mobility.

2) Magnetic Tubes: This equipment works as a mini magnetic separator. It can remove the contaminants from various ferrous materials at once. This equipment can be constituted of various types of magnets like alnico, ceramic, and rare earth magnets. Magnetic tubes commonly found their application in industries like food processing, plastic processing, chemical, and glass.

3) Magnetic Pulley: As the name suggests, this equipment is meant for lifting, but the method in it is slightly different from the conventional pulleys. The magnetic pulley is basically used for lifting up or separating the contaminants from the material flowing on a conveyor belt. These pulleys come in various sizes. They are easy to install and basically found their application in recycling and mining industry.

4) Magnetic Slide Conveyor: This equipment makes use of the permanent magnetic power for transporting the steel chips, scrap, etc. from one place to another. This equipment requires regular lubrication for smooth and uninterrupted functioning over a long period. These slide conveyors come in various sizes and lengths to suite diverse requirements. This equipment can be commonly seen in engineering, mining, and iron and steel industries.

5) Circular Vibratory Screen: This machine is used for separating bulk solid materials from slurries. A process called multi-plane inertial vibration is used for the separation of contaminants. This magnetic equipment can be used for the purpose of sifting, scalping, and classifying. It is widely used in industries like minerals, quarry, hydro-power, smelting, and pharmaceutical.

Above list of products is just a glimpse of what all are available nowadays. If you are looking for detailed knowledge about numerous conventional and non-conventional magnetic products and equipment, along with applications of magnets, types of magnets, magnetic industry news, and much more

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