How to Magnetic Insulation of NdFeB Magnets for Trade Export?

We are often asked by our customers ''Whether NdFeB magnets can be transported by air?''

The answer is ''Yes!''

As we all know, the magnetism of NdFeB is very strong, so if you bring it on the airplane, it may affect the electronic equipment, so you need to demagnetize the magnet. The so-called demagnetization, in fact, the magnet itself does not disappear, but the magnetic field distribution of the magnet is changed by the magnetic conductive material to weaken the magnetism -- the package of magnetic insulation.

How to Magnetic Insulation of NdFeB Magnets for Trade Export?

The principle of the magnetic insulation

To shield the magnetic field -- the magnetic field loop on which the stable magnetic field or low-frequency magnetic field depends. If the box is made of magnetic material with high permeability, then the ''magnetic lines of force'' that would otherwise pass outside the box will be concentrated in the box material and form a closure, which can greatly be reducing the leakage of magnetic lines outside the box.

Tips of NdFeB magnet:

Bulk neodymium magnets should be placed in the center of the shielding box so that the magnetic lines of force on one side are not more concentrated and lead to leakage.

●Magnetically conductive materials are always magnetized in a magnetic field, but with the exception of hard magnetic materials, the magnetism is eliminated as soon as the external magnetic field is removed. Therefore if the shielding material is made of hard magnetic material and creates a new independent magnetic field, it will affect its effectiveness. This is the reason why only soft magnetic materials can be used for shielding materials.

Do you understand? The ''demagnetization'' is just a layer of magnetic insulation material on the outside of NdFeB magnet; it has no effect on itself! As a professional neodymium magnets supplier in China, Souwest Magnetech provides quality NdFeB magnetic solutions. Feel free to contact us at any time.


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