Permanent Magnet Dry Magnetic Separator

MAS-CTL-Series Permanent Magnet Dry Magnetic Separator for Powder Ore

CTL-Series permanent magnet dry magnetic separator for powder ore is a high-efficiency ore dressing equipment newly developed by our company. It develops a new way for mining and utilization of magnetite and can meet the concentration needs of large, medium and small-sized mines. Therefore it may be widely used in metallurgical mines and other industries.

Feature of Permanent Magnet Dry Magnetic Separator

The magnetic separator is characterized by multiple magnetic fields and high separation frequency, advanced structure, lightweight, reliable operation and convenient maintenance. It is very suitable for districts that are short of water and electricity because it is a dry magnetic separator and can be driven by a diesel engine. Besides the existing pattern products, the magnetic separator can be developed with different magnetic induction intensities and the length of the drum according to the customer's demands because of different minerals.

Application of Permanent Magnet Dry Magnetic Separator

Used for pre-concentration of low-grade ores. Increase the ore grade and reduce ore dressing costs;

Used for reconcentration of tailings and recovery of relatively concentrated tailings;

Used for purification of dry powder of pyrite cinder;

Used for iron removal of non-magnetic materials which has an obvious effect and low costs of ore dressing;

Used for purification operation of concentrates of magnetic separation plants. It may reject lean associate ore body and gangue in the iron concentrates and increase concentrate grade;

Major Products and Services: Our factory mainly manufactures Magnetic Separator including Wet Magnetic rollers, Dry Magnetic Separator for powder ore, CTDG Magnetic Separator for lump ore, and Suspension Vertical Permanent Magnetic Separator, for various models for your reference.

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