Magnetic Materials Handling Technology

Eriez Magnetics Australia has released a range of magnetic materials handling technology, including metal detectors, wet drum separators and flotation equipment.

Suspended Electromagnets

These are large electromagnets for suspending above conveyors carrying mineral ore and other dry bulk materials. Designed to remove damaging tramp steel to protect the conveyor belts and downstream crushers and can be supplied both as manual or self-clean units. They operate from standard three-phase power through a transformer rectifier to convert to DC current.

Metal Detectors

Eriez metal detectors are designed to suit most belt conveyor widths and troughs; can detect small to large-sized tramp metals. Ideal for installing after-suspended magnets to detect any non-ferrous non-magnetic metals that magnets cannot remove. They are of a robust construction specifically for the mining industry.

There are different models available for many applications including both under belt and bridge design search coils... They are capable of differentiating between tramp steel and magnetic mineral ores which eliminates false tripping. Suitable for both spliced or mechanical joins and steel cored belts.

Trunnion Magnets

The Eriez Trunnion magnet is designed as a powerful permanent magnetic separator for the automatic separation and removal of steel processing balls and broken ball pieces from milled ores exiting Ball and SAG mills. These pieces are typically the result from ore processing in mills. Whilst simple in concept yet very efficient these units can be retrofitted to the mill trunnion discharge providing maximum recovery with zero energy consumption. Comprise of a rugged construction ensure long life and minimal maintenance.

Wet Drum Separators

Eriez wet drum separators are market leaders in design, operating efficiency and safety aspects. Innovations in both magnetic circuit design and materials of construction are applied to Eriez wet drum magnetic separators. This results in maximum magnetite and ferrosilicon recovery while operating with a minimum amount of wear and maintenance. Refinements to the magnetic circuit, tank design, and drive system have resulted in further improvements in metallurgical performance and operation. Eriez wet drums are currently operating in coal and iron ore applications.

Eriez Advanced Flotation Technology

Over recent years Eriez has expanded its product range to include products that do not rely solely on magnetic separation. To be a more complete supplier of process equipment for the mining industry, Eriez is offering advanced flotation technology to a wide range of industries including fine coal flotation, recovery of base and precious metals and industrial minerals.

Eriez Australia, targeting the coal mining industry has sold 28 units over the last four years. Columns for flotation applications range in size depending on the application from 1.2 meters dia. to 4.9 meters dia. and up to16 meters in height and treating up to 100 tons per hour of fine coal per column...

Eriez columns offer high recovery with low ash products in a single pass.

Benefits include;

• Low capital, operating and maintenance costs.

• On-line maintenance

• Ease of operation

• Built-in scavenging with internal recycle

• Patented technology for optimal bubble generation

• Optional recycling sparger or slam jet air design.Eriez Vibratory Feeders

Eriez range of feeders includes electro-magnetic Hi Vi and mechanical designs.

The electro-permanent magnetic drive provides a simple yet powerful solution to difficult material-feeding applications. Incorporate a totally enclosed patented magnetic drive that can provide precise feed control. Operates via AC 240 volt power supply with simple variac or PLC compatible AC controller. Variety of tray sizes and materials of construction available and custom-built with design limits. Dust covers and grizzly screens are optional additions to the range.

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