Bullet Separators

The Master Mag Bullet Magnet is an efficient, cost-effective device for extracting iron particles from within pipelines or gravity feed chutes. 

The bullet magnet system consists of a circular/conical core containing a powerful bullet-shaped strontium ferrite or ¡®rare earth¡¯ magnet. When material flows over the magnetic bullet, ferrous particles are attracted to the magnetic surface.

There are guide strips within the bullet magnet, which direct the material onto the bullet face. The Magnetic Separator has been specifically designed for very quick and easy cleaning, reducing production downtime to a minimum.

The cleaning process simply involves releasing the quick-action catches and opening the trunking door to which the bullet is attached. Bullet magnets are widely used within the food and ceramics industries.


Bullet magnets can be installed into pipelines and chutes where there is a dry, free-flowing granular, or powder-based product. They are ideal for removing ferrous contaminants such as nails and bolts.

Typical examples of applications are;

Ceramic processing plants Food manufacturing and processing plants Powder handling Wood recycling Plastic processing Grain milling processing.


The Bullet Magnet is available with either ferrite or rare earth magnet system. The rare earth Bullet Magnet is more powerful than the ferrite magnet and will remove smaller particles of ferrous contamination. The bullet magnet will suit most diameter pipelines ranging from 100-500mm.

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