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Cross Belt Magnetic Separator

1.Compact structure, low noise, easy maintenance, stable magnetic field from the ferrite or rare earth magnets,
energy saving without excitation system.
2.Workable in the harsh working environment for long time based on the specially sealed bearing seat and the
belt with automatic corrective function. For very sharp ferromagnetic tramps, the unique belt armored by stainless
steel plate is available to protect the belt from destroying.
3.There are common type and explosion-proof type drive motor for customer choice.
4.By using high power rare earth magnets, SWPMR serial separators have high magnetic field gradient, stable
magnetic field, super attraction that can remove Ferro blocks or Ferro scraps with weight 0.1KG-35KG from the
materials ,even remove the ferromagnetic scraps buried in the thick material layers continuously.
5.Special requirement can be custom made.

Waste material recycling,food,lumber,grain,chemical building,materials,mining, light manufacturing ect.
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