rotary grate magnetic separator

Work Principle:

When the material flows through the rotating permanent magnet Separators, the ferromagnetic material in it is to be adsorbed on the magnet bar in internal permanent magnet, finally, the separation of the ferromagnetic material and material is finished. The dry magnetic separator can be used for separating iron from the materials with high apparent viscosity and poor fluidity.The connections can be made to square chute or round pipeline flange to meet your installational requirement.

Performance and Characteristics :

1.Quick-detachable and easy clearance.

2.The peak of magnetic field intensity reaches 12,000GS.

3.The quantity of axial magnet can be increased or reduced according to the properties of materials.

4.Covered with stainless steel shell,welded with excellent technique,high gradient magnetic separator is featured by strong tension, big pulling and good separation precision.Applicable to all kinds of bulk materials.

5.It can be suitable for the materials with viscosity and poor fluidity strong force because of deagglomeration, and especially for efficient removing iron existing in superfine powder.

6.The temperature of standard products is 80, the separators can be used up to 200 by our high-temperature types.

Application Fields:

Suitable for removing iron from powdery materials in the fields of cement, building materials, chemicals, coal, food, plastics, refractory, and in conjunction with the various storage bin, dust catcher and other equipment.

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rotary grate magnetic separator
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