Magnetic force test meter

Description :

The main part is imported from Japan,it can be used to test the magnetic force visualy,quite different from other company's products which just test the magnetic flux density value .The magnetic ball is exordinary round, processing by special mode.The tension arm which connect to magnetic ball is made up of nonmagnetic material,the length of arm is moderate.

The highest test magnetic force is 49N,kilogram force / kilopond. It can be use as a accessory of your magnetic separator to detect the change of the magnetic force.

Operating Instruction :

1. Install apparatus :Put the magnetic ball on the top of nozzle,and deasil screw it into nozzle.

2. Fix the magnetic piece which you want to test ,make sure it wonĄŻt move at 60N force.

3. Attach the magnetic ball on the measure point carefully.

4. Make sure that magnetic arm is vertical to the test surface,and the vernier should of course indicate zero.

5. Hold the handle of apparatus firmly with your pair of hands,now move the apparatus backward slowly and make sure the arm and surface of piece are vertical until magnetic ball separate from the effect of magnetic piece.The point where vernier stays can show the max magnetic force between ball and magnetic piece. Magnetic force test meters have a rated accuracy 0.1kg or 1N.

6. After measuring, remove the arm and ball joint, take the meter back into the special box.

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