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Magnetic Separator

Self-cleaning Magnetic Grate Separator

Program Controled Pneumatic Magnetic Separator, also named Self Cleaning Magnetic Grate Separator, is designed to continuously remove contamination from the materials without any interruption.

Magnetic Liquid Trap

Magnetic Liquid Traps or Magnetic Liquid Filters are designed for liquid or semi-liquid flow systems to remove ferrous contamination from liquid with different viscosity level

Magnetic Drawer

1. Normal magnetic drawer(N Style)with max magnetic strength 12000Gs and Easy-cleaning magnetic drawer(E Style) with max 8000Gs are available.

Rotary Grate Magnet Separator

1.Quick detachable design for magnetic grate means easy disassembling,cleaning and reassembling. 2.The Max magnetic strength can reaches 12,000GS. Standard working temperature80, Max working temperature up to 350 if needed.

Bullet Magnet

1. The nose cone designed like bullet ensure magnetic field optimum contact with the product flow. 2. Cone magnetic strength can be chosen from 3000Gs to 15000Gs,ensure any ferrous particles are securely held in position until cleaned.

Magnetic Grate

1.Frame and tube material is 304 or 316L stainless steel,good corrosion resistance and no pollution . 2.Standard magnetic grates are assembled with stainless steel frame and 25mm diameter round bars.

Magnetic Bar/Tube

1. Standard bars is 25mm(1 inch) in diameter and any length per customers request,the Max length up to 2500mm, square or other magnetic tubes with different shapes and dimensions are also available.

Plate Magnet

1.Different magnetic action range plate with strong magnetic strength are available . 2.Easy cleaning and assembling.

Hump Magnet

1.One separation unit from plate magnet. 2.Magnetic plate can be made from rare earth magnet or ferrite as customers request,Housing material can be 304 or 316 stainless steel .

Plate House Magnet

1.Plate Magnets are hinged to the housing like doors,easy cleaning. 2.A wedge-shaped baffle at the top of the housing can prevents materials from bridging and choking,also can helps break up aggregated products and direct material flow over the units two powerful Plate Magnets.

Electric Drum Magnetic Separator

1.Separating unit is driven by gear motor. 2.Adjustable for rotation and magnetic filed angle to ensure best possible separation.

Magnetic Coolant Cleaner

Magnetic coolant cleaner,also named magnetic coolant separator.

Magnetic Pulley

1. Can be produced with cost saving ferrite magnets, also can be produced with powerful rare earth magnets if needed The maximum magnetic strength can reach 15000Gs

Half Magnetic Drum

Half Magnetic Drum ,also named half magnetic roller, has a half disc(180 degree) stationary magnetic section that is covered by a revolving round stainless steel shell with rotation axis.

Cross Belt Magnetic Separator

1.Compact structure, low noise, easy maintenance, stable magnetic field from the ferrite or rare earth magnets, energy saving without excitation system.

Magnetic Force Tester

1.Key part is imported from Japan . 2.The magnetic ball is extraordinary round, processing by special process.
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