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Magnetic Drawer

Features :
1. Normal magnetic drawer(N Style)with max magnetic strength 12000Gs and Easy-cleaning magnetic drawer(E Style)
with max 8000Gs are available.
2. Square chutes and round pipelines flange can be chosen to suit each customers requirement for easy installation.
3. Standard working temperature 80, if needed, Max working temperature from 80 to 350 is also available.
4. One row, two rows or more rows magnetic grid can be producted according to customer requirement.
5. Housing and magnetic tube material are 304 or 316L stainless steel as customer request.

Applications :
Magnetic Drawers are designed for efficient fine iron and ferromagnetic contamination removing from a range of
dry free flowing powdery,scrap,granule product such as sugar, grain, tea, etc. They are widely used in field of
ceramics,chemicals,pharmacy,food,plastic,rubber, dyestuff,mining,environmental protection,etc.


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